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Statement to Patients on NHS Funding

August 2022

Our NHS Funding

Recently our NHS funding package was reduced¹ - with further reduction also likely in the autumn. This reduction is unprecedented, and almost all NHS dentistry will now be unaffordable to deliver. No practice is able to offer treatments where the cost of delivery is greater than the income received. I am upset and immensely disappointed that we have reached this point. Dentists were told over two years ago (February 2020) that NHS dentistry would be reformed; only now to be told that our funding is being significantly cut.

What Reduced NHS Funding Means

It was already increasingly challenging to deliver NHS dentistry with costs at an all time high. These cuts mean I am now being forced to make some difficult decisions to ensure the continued viability of this dental practice. The provision of NHS dentistry will have to prioritise urgent and essential care, child appointments, and patients at high risk. Future NHS service will be dependant on Scottish Government's decisions on reform of the dental contract.

Your Options:

1. Join our Membership Plan

If you would like to access routine dentistry, I would encourage you to join our Membership Plan. From £15.50 per month, we will be able to continue to see you for examinations and hygiene visits - plus with reduced fees for any treatment needed. We currently have around 200 patients on our plan and have space for around another 300 before we need to review and possibly start a waiting list. Please call 01700 502041 or email if you would like to join, or click here for more information.

2. Continue with the NHS

Routine NHS appointments, offering the range of treatment available, will be on set days. There will be an increase in waiting times. Emergency appointments will be available each day, and will be offered subject to clinical triage. If you believe you have a dental emergency always telephone us immediately on 01700 502041 for advice and/ or an appointment. Our priorities are urgent and essential care, child appointments, and patients at high risk. If you believe you are in a high risk category please contact us. We have no immediate plans to de-register any patients (although this may change) and will continue to offer private options to NHS patients.

I am sorry this has become necessary especially given the challenges many already face.

If you would like background information to the situation please click here to download and read our June 2021 Statement to Patients.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Thank you,


Cameron McLarty BDS

Principal Dentist, Bute Dental Care




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